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Sights & Sounds 001 - 5 Seconds Before Sunrise (DeeSaxx Edit)


Although the first episode of "Spokes" was posted before the first episode of "Sights", I had the idea for Sights and Sounds long before I even started the SkineeLeggz YouTube Channel. To prove this, take a look at my "Driving In Music" series I started back in 2013: YouTube Link.

Of course, back then, I used car footage instead of bike footage, but the idea remained the same. I love combining music with scenic video footage. Ever since I was a kid, I remember being in the car with my family, music playing, staring out the window as scenery passed me by. The scenery would be good. The music would be great. Combine them together and let your imagination create the rest for an overall euphoric experience.

My goal with this series is to bring back that feeling.

In this first episode, I'd like to thank DeeSaxx for letting me use his amazing edit of VER:WEST - 5 Seconds Before Sunrise.

Check out his music!